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Zebra Connector, also known as elastomeric connector or silicone conductive strip, is so named because it is made from alternating layers of insulating and conductive silicone. The Zebra Connector boasts excellent conductivity and is cost-effective, making it widely used in electronic devices such as LCD, telephones, digital watches, computers, and gaming consoles.

Additionally, the Zebra Connector offers good elasticity and adaptability, fitting various LCM modules with ease of installation. It is also resistant to temperature and humidity changes, as well as chemical corrosion, while maintaining its conductivity. This makes it an irreplaceable material in modern industry.

Key Advantages of the Zebra Connector:

  • More affordable than a combination of connectors and flexible flat cables.
  • More reliable than ACF and HeatSeal (hot-press conductive paper).
  • Easy to disassemble without the need for soldering.
  • Resistant to impact and vibration (subject to compression ratio).
  • Durable against wear and corrosion.
Besides producing Zebra Connectors, Great Rubber also manufactures Inter-connector rubber, adaptable to various sizes and compatible with insulators.
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