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Membrane keyboards are a distinct type of keyboard, where keys are part of a single membrane sheet. Unlike traditional keyboards with separate keys, membrane keyboards integrate keys into a flat surface. In membrane keyboards, the keypress mechanism is not individual mechanical switches but a flexible membrane layer. The design of membrane keyboards typically involves three layers: the top membrane layer, a middle spacer layer, and a bottom membrane layer. When a key on a membrane keyboard is pressed, it pushes the top membrane through the spacer to the bottom membrane, completing the circuit.

Membrane keyboards are often made of rubber or similar flexible materials, making them quieter and softer to the touch than mechanical keyboards. The keys on membrane keyboards are pressure pads with printed symbols, offering a different tactile experience compared to raised keys. Membrane keyboards are known for their durability against dirt and liquids, as the flat surface leaves no room for debris to enter. This feature makes membrane keyboards particularly suitable for environments where cleanliness is paramount.

All in all, we offer a practical and cost-effective solution of membrane keyboards for many users, also available in various sizes and colors.